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                                 8 Reasons to consider a Seller Representative Specialist (SRS)

1.  SRS designees are members of an elite group of trained seller client advocates that know the importance of your specific needs by using    Seller Counseling Sessions to ensure all needs are addressed.

2.  SRS designees concentrate their efforts on your ultimate goals to ensure you at the center of the sale.

3.  SRS designees are extensively trained in a wide variety of manual and electronic marketing methods to uniquely promote your property to the widest range prospective purchasers.

4.  SRS designees understand that negotiation skills are critical to a successful transaction and are trained to ensure you receive the  best possible outcome during negotiations of the sale.  

5.  SRS designees adhere to the highest level of professional ethics and business practices in delivering ‘Client Level’ services with integrity.

6.  SRS designees are uniquely qualified to exceed your expectations and yield your trust.

7.  SRS designees know the importance of staging your property for best results. Staging is a critical component, along with accurate pricing, to attain desired results within a timely manner. 

8.  SRS designees have an advanced level of understanding on how to collaborate with a variety of cooperating agents of all skill levels in the marketplace to insure that the ‘best’ buyer has an opportunity to purchase your property.



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